Upgrade your long length lathe machine to a low cost CNC lathe machine without any alterations or modifications in your lathe Machine.

OPERATIONS : OD / ID Turning, Facing, Taper, OD / ID Fillet, OD / ID Threading, Taper Threading, ID Boring OD Art & Grooving etc.

ADVANTAGES : Reduced Cycle Time, lmproved Accuracy And Increased Production Rate, Elimination of Multi Point Tools, Ideal For Heavy And Heavy And Long Upto 5 Meter Lenght, Better Surface Finish More Control on Feed Ratings, Superior Repeatability, High Feed Rate and User Friendly Controller.

BENEFITS : Low Cost Compared To Expensive CNC Lathes, Reduced Power Consumption Saving On High Torque Motors, Less Dependence On Skilled Man - Power.Better Part Finish Due To New Digital Servo Drives,Faster Machining Cycles, Avoid Additional Tooling Cost.

OUR SCOPE: MECHANICAL - Ball Screws, Timing Belts & Pulleys, Bearing Blocks & Holders, Bellow Covers, Provisions for Manual Lubrications Etc.

ELECTRONICS : CNC Controller,AC Servo / Stepper Motors, Drives, Encoder,Step Down Isolated Transformer Etc. Fitted In Control Panel.

OPTION : FOUR Station Auto Tool Changer ,VFD For Spindle, Automatic Lubrication System. YOUR SCOPE: Provide a Lathe Machine with Good Condition of Bed and Spindle & Separate Earthing and Base plate for Turret. TRAINING AND INSTALLATION: It will be provided at your site.

GUARANTE: Though the Probability of Failure is very remote as there are not many parts, We Provide One Year Replacement Guarantee on Electronics Components.And six months Replacement Guarantee on Mechanical Components.